• Are you happy with how we currently vote and how we count votes in our country?  If your answer is "HELL NO" then please continue to read this proposal.

  • We deserve to have an election process that all citizens can trust. This is long overdue. The following proposal will solve all related voter problems, providing for a completely secure process and this will actually save tax payers millions of tax dollars. It's called USNVS, the U.S. National Voting System.

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  • The original idea for USNVS was developed by Dennis White. Dennis has more than 30 years of I.T. experience and has worked for the FBI, Department of Defense, Social Security Administration and many large corporations.

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Proposal Follows

Dear Members of Congress,

We the people, continue to be amazed at the election process that we are using in our great country. As you are well aware, our elections are open to fraud on so many levels. And now that states allow for mail-in voting, it takes these fraudulent activities to a new level.

We should be ashamed of the way that we currently vote and count votes in our country.

The 2020 Election has again exposed many areas of voter fraud. Voter fraud has been taking place for many years now, although it seems like we quickly forget about the problem after every election.

Some suggest that the answer is to simply have paper-only ballots where most citizens are required to vote in person. While that's better than what we experienced in the 2020 election, it still allows for far too many opportunities for fraud.

The big question is "Why are we making this so difficult?"

This proposal identifies a solution that will solve every voter related problem and save tax payers hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in every election. But more importantly this idea provides for a more secure solution than previously used by any of our states.

This idea is specific to all elections for national offices, such as presidential elections and congressional elections. Although each state could also use this solution for state and local offices if they choose to do so.

Basically the idea is centered around having elections run and administered by the Department of Defense and not by individual states. With this, all eligible U.S. citizens would automatically be registered to vote if they are eligible. An eligible citizen is a person that is 18 years old on or before election day, is not a convicted felon and is not identified as a person that is mentally incapable of voting.

This solution is called USNVS - The "U.S. National Voting System".

You will find this idea to be extremely secure and relatively easy to implement. In addition to saving the country millions of dollars in every future election.

The best suited government agency to develop and administer USNVS is the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). DISA is an arm of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Highlights of USNVS:

  • Every voter must have a social security number.
  • Every voter that has a phone will be required to vote using their phone on Election Day.
  • Mail-in votes would be allowed only for military personnel deployed overseas and would be processed by DoD on election day.
  • No polls, poll workers or voting places will be needed.

To expand on the first two highlights.

Each voter will be required to have a national identification number. The best solution for this is using our social security numbers, since the vast majority of voters already have SSN's. We realize that some states currently allow voters to have other forms of identification, i.e. a state drivers license. The reality is that a fully secure process requires a nationwide form of identification. Without a secure nationwide identification there are far too many complications and opportunities for fraud.

The benefits of voters using their phone to vote is significant as explained in detail in the remainder of this document. Once you understand the specifics you will agree that voting by phone will provide a near perfect method of voting.

As stated, voter registration would be automatic based on eligibility processes and checks.

DISA would be tasked to build a full-proof voting solution where every eligible voter would vote by phone, on Election Day. The only exception, as mentioned above, would be military personnel stationed overseas, allowing them to vote by mail.

A single phone number VOTE (8683) would handle all calls and would be secured and run by DISA. Every voter would need to acquire or set a 4-digit voter ID-pin using the VOTE (8683) phone line, prior to election day.

See attachment for specifics regarding DoD/DISA and related telecom tasking.

On Election Day, the voter would be required to initiate the call using their personal phone. They would touch or say their date-of-birth, their last 4-digits of their social security number and their 4-digit voting ID-pin. In essence, that then becomes their electronic signature. This is a process that has been used successfully by most financial and retail companies nation wide. With those voter responses, USNVS could easily and quickly determine the following:

  1. Automatically using the phone number they are calling from, USNVS will acquire their mailing address from their telecom company.

  2. Then, using their mailing address, the last 4-digits of their social security number and birthdate, USNVS will quickly validate that they are an eligible voter. As part of this validation USNVS would access the social security databases for this verification.

  3. Using this data USNVS will check to make sure that this voter is not deceased and would check and make sure that they haven't already cast their vote.

If any of these checks fail, the voter would be notified of the reason why they can't cast their vote.

Assuming that all checks are validated, the system would retrieve the specific ballot and enter the voting phase of the call. During the voting phase of the call, the voter will be prompted to enter or say their selection as follows:

  • For President, touch 1 for Donald Trump, touch 2 for Joe Biden, touch 3 for nobody.

  • For Congress, touch 1 for Joseph Smith, touch 2 for Frank Brown, touch 3 for nobody.

The call would continue until all office/candidates are selected. Once completed, the system would announce who they voted for, i.e. you are voting for Donald Trump and Joseph Smith, etc. If this is correct enter 1 to cast your vote. Enter 9 to start over and make corrections.

The entire call could be completed in less than 2 minutes with no human interface needed.

At any time after casting their vote, if the voter attempted to vote a second time, they would simply hear a message saying that they already voted. In addition to telling them the time that their vote was processed and who they voted for.

We hate to use the cliche, "This is not rocket science!", but it truly isn't.

All of the data and technology is currently available today. As stated, USNVS would simply need to access the appropriate databases at the social security administration and at the various telecom companies.

DISA could assign local national guard units with the task of visiting long-term care facilities, nursing homes and homeless shelters on election day to assist those residents in voting. In addition to allowing for citizens that do not have phones to cast their votes.

The results of every election could be released on a county by county basis beginning at 9PM local time in each state. The results would be displayed on the government website vote.gov.


  • We must realize that there will never be a voter solution that will eliminate 100 percent of all voter fraud. USNVS eliminates almost every possible voter fraud situation that we have witnessed in past years.

  • Basically, to cast a vote, a voter will simply call VOTE using their phone. All validations would automatically take place during that phone call.

  • USNVS does require that a voters mailing address associated with their phone number be the same as the mailing address within the social security database. See the attachment below in this regard.

We hope that all congressmen and congresswomen see the value of moving forward with USNVS funding as soon as possible.

A PDF version of this proposal can be found at USNVS.pdf



Congress needs to enact legislation that would enable the development of USNVS. Providing a secure and reliable election process should not be a partisan issue. This is an issue that needs to be solved once and for all.

DOD/DISA Tasking

The Defense Information Systems Agency(DISA) is best suited to develop, secure and administer a nation wide voter system. Additional computer hardware and software would be required to support this tasking. These computer resources would reside within DISA's six(6) Defense Mega Centers (DMC's) located in Columbus, Ohio, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Ogden, Utah, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, San Antonio Texas and St. Louis, Missouri. Each DMC would handle a suitable geographical area of the United States. In addition, each DMC would provide backup and disaster recovery capabilities for a partner DMC.

The time has come to insure that our voting systems and processes are secure from all nefarious actors both within the United States and from foreign actors. DISA is best equipped to design, develop and deploy a secure voter solution of this nature.

Voter Addresses and Telecom Tasking

All telecom companies within the United States would need to recognize and route all incoming calls for VOTE (8683) to be routed to the appropriate DMC.

Telecom companies will provide USNVS (via API - A Programming Interface) the inbound phone number and address. As a result, when the phone connection is established USNVS software will automatically receive the callers number and address.

Additionally, the social security administration and all telecom companies should provide a convenient method to allow a user to verify their mailing address. Possibly the number *2020 should automatically provide this info when dialed from a subscribers phone. The reason for this is that USNVS will use that address to confirm the persons identity within the social security database.

Voter Death Certificates

The Social Security Agency has one of the most comprehensive databases of death records for the majority of U.S. citizens. A new API would need to be developed that would allow for USNVS to automatically check to make sure that this voter is not deceased. Additional API's may be needed to access other death record databases.

One Vote per Person

Currently people that have recently moved or have multiple mailing addresses can actually vote multiple times. They can use an absentee ballot associated with one address and vote in person from another location. Using a centralized USNVS system this problem would be eliminated.

USPS Tasking

One area of voter fraud that has always been difficult for states to handle is related to a voters primary address. This comes into play when someone has two homes, in multiple counties or in different states. The "One Vote per Person" stated above eliminates this problem although there is another related issue of making sure that a person votes in the location considered to be their primary residence. The USPS maintains a "Change of Address" database called COA. USNVS could access COA to assist in verifying a voters primary address.

Beyond National Elections

In addition to national elections, states could choose to make use of USNVS for state and local office elections, including their primary elections. If they choose to do so they would essentially be eliminating county and state-level registration requirements. USNVS could easily handle these elections in a similar manner. If USNVS were to handle state primaries, one additional item of data that USNVS would require is a voters party affiliation.

Tax Dollars Spent For Voting Administration

It is estimated that collectively it cost U.S. citizens $3 billion per year to administrator state level voting systems and processes. With USNVS all administration-cost would reside with the Department of Defense. USNVS would significantly reduce the cost of administering every future election.

Safe, Secure and Unbiased

This document does not identify every benefit and every loophole that is automatically resolved with USNVS. The bottom line is that USNVS will provide the most secure solution designed and administrator by DISA, rather than by people that have a political bias.

End of Proposal


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